Welcome to the Hillsman Holster Company website. The purpose of this site is to provide you with the information you need to select the best possible holster for your application. Hillsman Holsters were specifically designed for undercover law enforcement and high threat personal defense. We have been providing custom concealment holsters since 1998, and our list of satisfied customers include the State Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, Secret Service, Federal Air Marshal Service, Special Operations units, and many other Federal Law Enforcement agents.

Every Hillsman Holster is custom made, by hand, of Boltaron 4330 -- an acrylic-modified PVC, similar to Kydex™, but which, in our opinion, exhibits better performance characteristics. Unlike production holsters, every Hillsman Holster is custom crafted using the actual pistol that it will hold. When we make a holster for your Glock 22, for example, the only "mold" we use is an actual Glock 22 -- there is no other way to achieve the perfect fit you get with a Hillsman Holster.

Because each holster is made individually, a holster can be made for you that is specific to your needs, taking into account your application, body style, and other preferences. Every holster we make is designed to exceed your expectations in four critical areas: concealability, retention, speed, and comfort. In fact, if you are not completely satisfied, there is no deal -- simply send back the holster and there's no charge.

The photos on the examples page represent a sample of the range of options available to you. The firearms selected are not an all-inclusive list of those for which holsters are available. Feel free to request a holster for your firearm, whatever it may be. Please understand, however, that for various reasons, not all requests can be honored. Please contact us if you have any questions, and enjoy our site.

Good shooting,

Dan and Mike Hillsman


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